Day 3 –

Lucero got his feet done today by Meghan Marie – looking a little more upright now  🙂 Discovered that this boy is well balanced – so much so that he can wander around even with a leg up! He settled down quickly though, to let Meghan finish up.
After the trim we rode in the indoor arena. He is staying on the rail pretty well, though likes to drift in a bit. There were some poles set up- we trotted over with no attempt to slow down today! Worked on our turns and circles at the trot. Spending a lot of time flexing his head to the inside and outside as we trot as well to help balance and keep him listening to my legs. we did the most cantering we have ever done today! No attempts to buck or duck out! His response time is still a little slower than I would like, but he gave correct lead all but once. We cantered over a single pole both ways- surprise- he did not attempt to slow down or speed up! We traveled outside and went up to the big, open polo field, passing a pasture of mares on the way to which he did not even look at. We got some help getting videos of him from a friend, and she commented on how calm and relaxed this boy is.

Another point for the Teke!


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**All glory to the God who Was and Is and Is to come**

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