Day 4:

This horse has mastered the cross ties. Doesn’t even attempt to fidget anymore- but has started pawing when bored. We rode in the indoor at the same time as a gelding, Lucero stayed focused, though wanted to slow down around him.


We’ll keep working on him maintaining tempo with distractions. Seemed a little sore over the back from the increased work load, so we kept it pretty light after our warmup walk/trot/canter. Worked on crossing the railroad tracks without a leader – he is getting more and more responsive with my “move forward” cue. We ended our ride playing in the creek. Not the best weather today, but the increased wind and minor rain allowed me to experience Luc’s spook. It was really underwhelming…aside from one run down a hill after being chased by a dragon.

Luc proved to have good balance though, and focused back on me almost immediately. I forgot to share yesterday that I tied Luc to let him graze while I cleaned his stall, and when I went to get him I found he had loosened the rope which allowed him to wrap it around his hindquarter and leg inhibiting movement.

I’ve seen this happen with other horses, typically resulting in panic, but Luc was just standing waiting for me to untangle him. Phew- gotta love this breed!

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** Romans 5:8-” and while we were yet sinners God demonstrated His love for us by sending His only Son to die on the cross” and thankful that He rose again! Happy Easter**

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