Day 7 –
So those of you following the Spring Hollow Farm Facebook page probably know that Cindy Sither and I took Luc’s half brother, Mascot, to Emily with Miramonte yesterday. There Emily taught me some new tricks, including asking the horse for his attention, for upward and for downward transitions through a turn on the forehand. At first this seemed confusing if not downright counter productive, but with her careful instruction I was amazed to be riding a horse that started the lesson out straight up rearing and in his own little stallion world, that was now listening and offering correct responses.
Thanks for bearing with on that bit of background – today while riding Luc I started practicing the same exercise of using the turn on the forehand for transitions. Let me tell you, folks, I got the biggest trot yet on Lucero, and it was much less work for me than what I’ve been doing! So that was great fun, and we did dozens of transitions and circles and had some really great strides with the beginning of flexion and with him starting to connect the dots and step under himself.

Add onto this that we walked past a half dozen mares, and stood in the cross ties while a train went by just outside the barn with literally no reaction, and we have a wonderful end to our first week of intensive training!

I had some questions from peers when I was bragging on this horse earlier today, so i wanted to be sure and add- please feel free to ask anything or comment! I appreciate the continued support.
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