Day 11 – Today I discovered I’m phenomenal at sitting for long periods of time and watching other people work. My husband, Neil, is turning into a regular barn-boy. He is discovering all the tricks to mucking stalls, tirelessly moved trot poles and standards without complaint, and even volunteered to do it all again upon request 18118450_10210646725018569_4435163341897217050_n

Speaking of trot poles, Bethany Kraatz came out and romped around with Luc today. He is slowly but surely getting stronger and getting into the groove of things. This was his first ride since Thursday, but he had as much willingness as any other day.
Bethany commented that Lucero has really calmed down since when he first came to Bryan Station Farm.
He is getting better at standing/ground tying as well.

We set up (8) trot poles – which is the most he has ever done – and after adjusting the distances between them Luc went through no problem. He also had his first experience with elevated poles, but he didn’t show any signs that this was his introduction 🙂

Bethany ran through a couple of Training tests with him. These showed us some things that need improvement including tempo, circle shape, and halting straight; but he really did well overall.

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**Proverbs 27:1,17,20-
“Do not boast about tomorrow for you do not know what a day may bring; As iron sharpens iron so one friend sharpens another; As water reflects the face, one’s life reflects the heart”