Day 12 – Lucero was a little more excited than usual today. There were several horses keeping up long distance relationships, and all of the neighing had Luc wanting to join in. Nevertheless, we had a great ride today. My friend, Tatum, came out and rode my horse with us, and we walked all around the farm and took the scenic route back through the creek.


Because of all the pole work yesterday, Luc’s back was a little sore, so it was mostly a walk day, though for our short trot and canter work he didn’t let on that he was tired.

Tatum and I went around the mile track, which is just a lane big enough for a large truck…around a mares field. Luc didn’t mind riding with another horse so close, didn’t mind the new scenery and didn’t even look at the mares.

We introduced trotting with another horse- he was fine in front of, beside, and behind at the trot. We started at the canter, but cantering with another horse was a bit too much fun so we worked on circling and cantering behind instead.

Luc did his first canter over a raised pole, he didn’t mind that one bit and his tempo stayed surprisingly the same, so that was great.


We ended the ride walking up the creek and ponying my horse back to his pasture- first time and absolutely no funny business!!

This horse is starting to get predictable

Thanks for following! And remember- this awesome dude is standing at Stud! Akhal Tekes make great crosses as well- reach out to Cindy to meet an Akhal Teke Arabian cross and an Akhal Teke Tb cross!

**Romans 15:13-“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”**