IMG_2185Day 30 – Longest post yet I believe…
To finish up this Intensive Training my wonderful and talented student and friend Autumn came out to ride today. She rode Luc very well and I have attached a video to show how easily he is moving up and stretching into the contact. We had a really fun day, ended by playing with some riding double (for the first time) and Around the world (because, why not?)
I’ve really struggled to put into words everything that I feel should be said since this is the last day of the intensive training. I know that Luc has developed, physically and mentally, based on easily judged things like response to the aids and endurance. Me on the other hand… I’ve developed too.
This has really helped me get in tune with the horse I am working with. If you’ve ever worked with horses I’m sure you’ve heard to reward the smallest try, but I’m realizing how many of those tries I have missed.
Lucero is a young stallion – he has a history of bucking and avoiding work. Before this training I was convinced it was because he has had so much success getting the rider discouraged enough to give up, but now I’m realizing it’s because he would try and try only to be told it wasn’t good enough.
So thank you, Luc, for opening my eyes and developing me.
Thank you also to all of those who played an active role in helping us these past few weeks: Cindy, Bethany, Tatum, Gigi, Sarah Butwin, Sarah M, Autumn, and others.
Thank you to the many many people at Bryan Station Farm that I enlisted to be my personal photographer 😂
Thank you to everyone who has followed,liked and shared my posts. This has reached more people than I ever thought it would!

Spring Hollow Farm is sending another stallion in June, and we are going to try our hand at a video blog on this site! Stay tuned for more info!


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